BIG LEAGUES is now on Spotify and more!!

See link below artwork to go to Spotify and hear this BANGIN track!!!

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It’s been a minute…

Whattup WordPress world and interweb dwellers!

I realized I haven’t touched based with you all in a while. A while which felt like a minute. What can I say? Time really has been flying by. There’s a certain BUZZ back in life that I felt was missing for far too long.

‘Uncomfortable’ has been so well received and it was truly a heartwarming experience from start to finish. Believe it or not, I started writing that song over a year ago when I was living in Indiana and feeling very low emotionally. It’s amazing what can happen in such a short time because now I’m not the same person I was in the first verse of the song. Now I no longer “wish I had a reason to live”, although the apparent fragility of what we call happiness is an ever-present reality that I’ve come to accept.

Happiness now, I’ve realized; is like a child that must be nurtured. Every day we must check up on this child; listen to what it’s calling for, and do the necessary. Taking care of health is the utmost priority, because I feel health and happiness go hand in hand. So, doing what is good for me, instead of what feels good is the common theme that has kept my progress spiraling upwards.

I am incredibly thankful to have a beautiful wife in my life who believes in me more than I believed in myself. She saw something in me that I didn’t, and there is quite literally no measure to how much she has helped and healed me. Her forgiving nature and truly unconditional love has shown me how resilient and bright spirited people can be.

Also I’m thankful for all of the people I’m getting to meet along the way of this musical / spiritual journey. As corny as it sounds, this is really so much more than music. I feel like it’s an opportunity to rekindle the sense of unity among our fellow human beings.

Definitely excited to see how things unfold this year, in 2018. It’s been INTENSE, and AMAZING, so far…. so thank you for joining me. Onward, and upwards!

Love you all!!


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‘Uncomfortable’ is OUT NOW, download and stream it ! Support ya boy!!

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‘L.A.M.E I.R.’ is now on Google Play

My hip-hop / comedy track ‘L.A.M.E. I.R.’ is now available on Google Play. Click Here to go there!

Also, i released ‘Humble (The Unoffical Remix by Absolute)’ a couple days ago. Check out the artwork and click HERE to play / download for free! Humble Remix

That’s it for now! Peace.

I’m on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, AND iTunes now.

You can now find ‘Strange Things’, ‘Bad Luck Brian’, ‘Bring It Back,  and ‘Why’ on ALL FOUR of these platforms: Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, AND iTunes. I should make it on to other less known (Tidal) music services sometime soon as well.

If you like my music enough to purchase it (0.99 each) you can find all links below:

‘Bring It Back’ on Amazon

‘Bring It Back’ on iTunes

‘Bring It Back’ on Google Play

‘Strange Things on Google Play

‘Strange Things’ on iTunes

‘Strange Things’ on Amazon

‘Bad Luck Brian’ on Amazon

‘Bad Luck Brian’ on Spotify

‘Bad Luck Brian ‘ on iTunes

‘Why’ on Amazon

‘Why’ on Spotify

‘Why’ on iTunes

Thanks for your support!


‘Strange Things’ is available on iTunes and….

That’s right! ‘Strange Things’ is now available for purchase on iTunes AND Google Play. Click the links below to go straight there!

‘Strange Things’ on iTunes

‘Strange Things’ on Google Play

Also, ‘Bring It Back’ and ‘Why’ are both available on iTunes and Google Play!! Let me know if you can’t find them!



NEW BONUS TRACK announced!

In case you haven’t noticed, I released the artwork for my next (BONUS) track. The release date for this track will be Tuesday, February 13 at 3:30 pm (PST). Hope to see you there!! Cheers!  Uncomfortable